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Nano in Electronics has a long history. One of the characteristic milestones about 56 years ago was an important statement from Gordon Moore. He, as one of the cofounders of Intel (one of the most important semiconductor companies worldwide), postulated his idea of industrial growth in this field in a simple rule. He expected that about every two years the storage capacity of an IC (integrated circuit, an important electronic device) will increase by a factor of two. This was an amazing statement at that time, because most of the people had no idea how this should be possible. The boundary conditions for this rule are still driving the electronics industry worldwide. The maximum storage capacity and the velocity of data transmission are still increasing. Without these developments smartphones or computers would not exist.

Practical relevance – This is what you will need the knowledge and skills for

Modern electronic products, like smartphones and tablets would not work without the deep knowledge of nanotechnology. Therefore, it is important to understand the meaning of structure sizes in this area.

Overview of learning objectives and competences

One of the most important factors in electronics nowadays is size. Producing the structures as small as possible is the only way to be able to control high amounts of data like in a smartphone or in a tablet computer. You will learn the key features in the game of electronics. What are the most important developments today and where are the physical limits in the future.